4 Ways to Settle Into the New Semester

The first few weeks of the semester can feel super abrupt and disorienting. Here are four ways to slowly settle into your new class routines.

1. Mark your planners according to new syllabi.

Class syllabi can be super overwhelming, and it doesn't help that Emerson professors like to talk about exams and projects on the first day. Taking time to go through my syllabi and mark down due dates and exam periods gives me a better view of what’s to come and helps me stay grounded.

2. Make a list of materials you need.   

Pretty baseline, but I find it extremely helpful to create a checklist of whatever materials I need for the semester and include how I’m going to get them. For example, I don’t typically get all my textbooks at one place— sometimes I’ll use the Emerson Reserve Desk, sometimes I’ll rent from the bookstore, and sometimes I’ll get a book through Amazon. I make sure I write that down alongside other school supplies or apartment/dorm stuff I need to pick up.  

3. Map out your ideal daily routine.

Every semester comes with a new daily routine. I find it helpful to jot down daily commitments and transit at the beginning of the school year to outline my “ideal” routine. This really helps me get a feel for how my day to day will look like and creates a schedule I’d be able to follow.

4. Establish a set time to wake up.  

This probably is a long shot given that a consistent sleeping schedule in college is a myth, but having a set time to wake up and a time to leave your dorm or apartment can make life so much easier and ensure punctuality for all your activities.