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4 Ways to Love Yourself More

We often take ourselves for granted and don’t make ourselves a priority. Sometimes, all we need is some love and care, and we’re the ones who need to give ourselves that love and care. This time of year can often bring stress on students – between searching for summer plans, getting anxious about the end of the year, feeling unhappy with your friend group or your job or even if you’re just feeling a little down lately, you may need some tips on how you can love yourself more and help yourself through these tough times. Giving yourself some TLC and boosting your self-esteem isn’t easy, but it should be a priority. Here's how!

Make something tasty

The first step to loving yourself is to love what you put inside your body. Look for some new, nutritious and delicious recipes that won’t only be fun to eat but will also be fun to make. Cooking and making a meal for yourself can make you feel awesome that you know your way around a kitchen and can also be therapeutic.

Be thankful

When you start to doubt yourself, take a step back and realize all of the good things you have in life and what you are grateful for. Try writing yourself motivational messages and posting them on your mirror, or write down moments where you have been proud of yourself and keep them in a jar. Remember to give yourself compliments. By supporting yourself, your accomplishments and your good qualities, you’ll be reminded of all the good in your life.

Try some yoga

All exercise is great when you’re feeling down in the dumps, overwhelmed with stress or just not feeling yourself lately. Yoga especially is a great way to feel good about your body and mind. Most people think yoga is just about stretching and rolling around, but yoga can be a great combination of challenging yourself physically while learning how to breath and meditate.

Get away from technology

Technology is one of the largest aspects that get in the way of thinking about ourselves. Sometimes, when we are having a particularly off day, we feel overwhelmed when we see all the fun our friends are having on social media. If you can, try to unplug from the Internet for an hour or two everyday. This will make you appreciate the world around you and think more about yourself.

A lot gets in the way of taking ourselves into consideration. There is so much we can do to love ourselves more and improve on ourselves. When it comes to loving yourself, you need to take the time to actually concentrate on yourself. Everyone needs some “me time” during a busy day. Learning how to love yourself is definitely worth the time and effort.

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