4 Things to Do While Listening to an Audiobook

Sometimes I don’t have the patience or time to sit down and read a book, physical or digital. That’s why I love listening to audiobooks—it allows me to have the ability to multitask while still giving me time out of my day to read! Here are some of my favorite—and productive—things to do while listening to audiobooks!

  1. 1. Doing household chores

    The first thing that comes to mind while choosing something to do when listening to an audiobook is doing chores! It’s hard to motivate myself to do chores around the house or my dorm, so I always use audiobooks as a way to get through such mundane tasks. You’ll be surprised how much of a book you will get through while washing the dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning your room! Since doing chores doesn’t require much work for the brain, I usually put my audiobook on 1.5x speed so I can get through my book quicker.

  2. 2. Journaling / Planning

    If you know me, you know that I absolutely love to journal. If I’m not listening to music, I’m likely to listen to an audiobook while crafting colorful spreads in my journal. When I’m not writing in my journal, I listen to an audiobook while decorating my pages with washi tapes, stickers, and fun journal prints and designs. If you don’t journal, planning is also a great opportunity to listen to an audiobook! Take this time of planning out your schedule to catch up on what you are reading—it’s a great way to practice self-care while also being extremely productive!

  3. 3. Getting ready in the morning

    Like journaling, getting ready in the morning before I head out the door is one of the only opportunities I get to spend time with me, myself, and I. Listening to an audiobook gets my brain juices flowing, so this combined with getting ready in the morning is both productive and relaxing. I usually take a while to get ready, from showering, to getting dressed, to putting on makeup, to preparing my bag, so this whole period is a great time for me to catch up on my book!

  4. 4. Commuting to work/school

    Because the commute to work or school is pretty routine for most people, this is a perfect time to read via audiobook! From the start of my day to the moment I enter a classroom, I am making good use of my time by listening to my audiobook and getting my brain warmed up for the day. You can also listen to audiobooks when you are on the subway/train waiting for your stop, or even when you are driving to work or school. No matter the mode of transportation, you can always count on audiobooks for a productive and well-spent commute!