4 Playlists to Guarantee Success During Finals Week

Finals week can be tough—coordinating with groups for final projects, practicing speeches and presentations over and over again, and completing the word count for that 7-10 page essay. With all of these assignments being so close to the end of the semester, you might have a lack of motivation, but nothing like a little music can get your productivity flowing! Music is actually a tactic to reduce stress that many students have during finals week. The University of Maryland Medical Center conducted research that proves music to decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels. Without further ado, here are four must-have playlists to end your semester with a bang!  

  1. 1. The "In the Study Zone" Playlist

    Some people may find that absolute silence is the optimal studying environment. However if you are someone like me, someone that has to have some sort of background noise while working to ensure productivity, have an “In-the-Study-Zone” playlist, or a playlist compiled of music to listen to when you are the most studious and productive. When I need to be extremely focused on completing an assignment such as drafting an essay or writing an article, I usually turn to classical music or movie scores that can be included in this playlist. A study in France revealed that students who were listening to a one-hour lecture with classical music in the background were put in a heightened emotional state, further making them more receptive to information.

    Spotify playlist suggestions: Classical Focus, Reading Soundtrack

  2. 2. The "Chill Productivity Vibes" Playlist

    You’ve done it—you’ve finally completed the biggest, hardest, and most time-consuming tasks. If you have work to do that doesn’t require a huge attention span, such as copying notes off of a PowerPoint or organizing files, try listening to a “Chill Productivity Vibes” playlist, or a playlist that consists of relaxing calm music, with lyrics or without. I recommend lo-fi hip hop music, which refers to a genre of music that mixes traditional hip hop and jazz to create an atmospheric, instrumental landscape. There are a bunch of lo-fi hip hop playlists on music streaming platforms, and YouTube also has livestream videos of lofi hip hop radio. Aside from lo-fi hip hop beats, opt for relaxing songs that feature artists you aren’t familiar with, so you won’t be tempted to belt their lyrics.

    Spotify playlist suggestions: Lo-Fi Beats, Brain Food

  3. 3. The "Morning Motivation" Playlist

    All of your work is done, you’ve studied your butt off for these final exams, and you’ve practiced your presentation in front of your roommate countless times. Now it’s time to go to class and rip those bandages off. You might be feeling nervous, anxious, jittery, or all of the above the morning of the big final. That’s why it is essential to have a “Morning Motivation” playlist, compiled of songs and artists that are pushing you to ace these final exams and to lift your spirits up. In this playlist, add the songs that make you feel inspired, motivated, and on top of the world. Listen to this playlist when you get ready in the morning, when you have breakfast, and when you commute to class for a period of motivation time.

    Spotify playlist suggestions: Morning Motivation, Mood Booster

  4. 4. The "Celebration" Playlist

    Hooray! You have finally made it; finals are over, and it’s time to relax and spend time with your friends until the semester ends. Have your happy ending and compile a “Celebration” playlist, a playlist compiled of your favorite songs to belt and dance to. Throw away that stress you had at the beginning of finals week and let loose with this playlist! Whether your playlist consists of classic 70s and 80s pop anthems to the current hits of today, have fun with it! Whatever genre the songs may be, this is your celebration and your way of celebrating the hard work you put into your final projects, presentations, and exams. Happy finals!

    Spotify playlist suggestions: Feelin’ Good, Feeling Accomplished