10 Times We Could Relate to Mindy Lahiri

Romantically frustrated, charmingly awkward, constantly hungry – there’s a little Mindy Lahiri in all of us. Mindy Kaling’s quirky character on The Mindy Project embodies a part of all struggling girls; here are 10 moments we could certainly relate to!

1. When she described how we feel about our girlfriends

2. When she tried to comfort a child – and failed

3. When she was Netflix-less

4. When she acted out movie scenes… on multiple occasions

5. When she described her body status

6. When she set her priorities straight

7. When she described how we feel about men

8. When she dated a guy with no personality

9. When she couldn’t stand her friend’s boyfriend

10. When she gave up on the gym

She may not be entirely glamorous, but she's most definitely relatable! Have a favorite Mindy moment? Post a comment or Tweet us at @HCEmerson!