10 Beauty Bloggers To Be In Awe Of

As I’m sure anyone who has tried to switch up their beauty routine knows, it can be hard to find that creative juice first thing in the morning. Lucky for us, that’s why beauty bloggers exist! Below are some of the ones that stand out to me on Instagram (cause who has time to watch a YouTube tutorial right?).

For people of color who are looking for tutorials that won’t just remind you that skin color makes a difference when choosing a color palette, here are three I found that stood out:

@themadecutie is a makeup artist who focuses on people of color.


@Glam_by_Gigi is run by Gigi Madrigal who is a Latina beauty influencer with over 15,000 followers, so she must know something about makeup!


@makeupnaturalista brings together other people’s natural hair ideas and makeup looks to create a one stop shop for all beauty ideas.


For those who are interested in trying out the world of drag, or for those who are already queens, check out these two Instagrams for inspiration for your next look!

@kalistastage considers herself a makeup maven with over 22,000 followers.


@Kendradrag is a fierce Portuguese queen who also runs a YouTube channel, for those of us who got up in time to watch a longer tutorial


For people who need some creative inspiration, but aren’t here for an hour-long look, check out these more toned down looks:

@flawlesskevin is run by Kevin Ninh and has everyday looks, as well as some more glam eyes for when you aren’t just running across campus to class.


@claudianourcosmetics is a modest beauty blogger as well as a cosmetics company.


@makeuppes is run by a single mom based out of Turkey who creates beautiful, unique everyday looks.


For those of us who want to follow the biggest and the best, check out these two famous bloggers who have made names for themselves with their impeccable beauty taste.

@mannymau773 is run by Manny Gutierrez who believes “boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.” With 4.3 million followers, it’s safe to say that many agree!


@ellarie is a self described “momtrapeneur” who kills it on Instagram with 1.3 million followers who consistently gets over 100,000 likes per photo and video.