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Top 5 Spots Off the Beaten Path to try this Spring

If you’re looking for some new places to explore as the weather starts to get warmer, look no further – Her Campus has some exciting spots for you to give a try!

  1. Geeksboro (2134 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27408)

For any self-proclaimed “geek”, this is the place for you. Right next door to the extremely popular Hops Burger Bar, Geeksboro is definitely the spot to hit for a pre-dinner drink or a relaxing Sunday for homework and friends. Whether you want to try the popular Game of Thrones beer, or buckle down into one of their weekly board game tournaments, Geeksboro is definitely a great place slightly off the beaten path.

2. Grabbagreen (431 Pisgah Church Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455)

Near UNC-G, Grabbagreen is an affordable, healthy alternative to some other Greensboro favorites (looking at you Chipotle and Maxie B’s). Featuring a completely gluten-free, vegetable based menu (protein options are available too), Grabbagreen is one of the few restaurants I’ve left not feeling overtaken by a food coma.

3. Duck Donuts (409 Pisgah Church Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455)

For pretty much anyone that lives on the East Coast including myself, there is nothing hidden or secretive about Duck Donuts. Starting in the Outer Banks, Duck Donuts fries, ices, and puts the toppings on their donuts as you order them, ensuring a fresh batch every time. So, one could imagine my delight when I realized there was one but a mere 30 minutes from Elon’s campus

4. Saint Jacques at the Burke Manor Inn (303 Burke St, Gibsonville, NC 27249)

This is definitely somewhere to visit with parents or for a special occasion. Decadent and luxurious, eating at Saint Jacques is a very special experience. The Burke Manor itself is a beautiful bed and breakfast, and the entire Burke Manor estate is the personification of Southern charm, complete with a stunning garden and classic decor. However, the food is the true star of the show, featuring traditional French fare that would impress even the most discerning diner.

5. Lucky 32 (1421 Westover Terrace, Greensboro, NC 27408)

Lucky 32 is the type of restaurant that serves food that feels home cooked even away from home. Featuring a Southern food inspired menu, Lucky 32 is a great choice for every type of diner – they even have a gluten free menu! With both brunch and dinner options to choose from, Lucky 32 is a restaurant I will continue to go back to for the remainder of my time at Elon.

These are just some of the many hidden gems that are located not too far from Elon’s campus – don’t hesitate to branch out and give them a try!

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