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Salmon Lemon Bowl
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The “Salmon Rice Bowl” Girl Will Not Get Off My FYP

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If you’re not living under a rock, I can say confidently that we have all seen the “salmon-rice-spicy mayo-avocado” bowl on Tik Tok. If for some reason you have not seen these videos, I’ll explain.

These videos shown this woman making a certain type of dish that involves: Heating up salmon, adding rice, heating it up, placing on toppings, and ending with Sriracha and Mayo. Lastly, the woman takes packets of rectangles of seaweed and scoops up her meal with the seaweed. It is kinda hard to explain these amazing videos, so I highly suggest you watch some for yourselves.

The creator of these videos, Emily Mariko, has been living on my FYP (and head) rent-free for the past month. 

Emily is from the Bay Area and has just recently become viral-with a whopping 2.9 Million Tik Tok followers. All from just heating up some rice with an ice cube on top? (Which apparently steams the rice in the microwave.) 

I have some other theories for why her videos are so satisfying to watch. Also, from what I have noticed, if you want to become viral on Tik Tok, these theories may help you to do so. If you live a somewhat aesthetic life and have some passion for content creation, I highly suggest you make a Tik Tok account which follows you throughout your day!

They Aren’t Too Long

Emily’s videos are usually about a minute long. This means if you don’t have a lot of time they’re easy to watch. If you want to see more of her life, though, Emily has a youtube channel! 

They Make People Want To Be Productive 

These videos make me want to get my sh*t together. Emily’s content makes me want to wash my clothing, clean my bathroom, re-make my bed. I have no clue what in her videos causes some clean freak in me to rise. Once I start one of Emily’s videos I eventually find myself doing a deep clean, but I do not mind (And neither does my roommate).

They Encourage People To Eat Carbs Again! 

Finally! We can eat rice again! There has been so much stigma around REAL foods due to some of the bad diets quarantine suggested we use. I, a girl having and still dealing with disordered eating, love that we are making progress towards fueling our bodies. Emily is showing us we can have balance while still being able to enjoy our favorite foods.

They Make You Excited For Being A Grown Up  

I literally just started college and now I am browsing apartments in NYC for when I graduate. These 60-second clips have made me realize I am actually excited to grow up. If growing up means I can form this kind of routine and have my own fridge and my own place, I am here for it. Although I am not totally excited to buy all of that expensive salmon…

If you would like to enjoy these videos and more of Emily’s content, her social media is below! I highly recommend trying out her salmon rice bowl for yourself. Cheers to a new satisfying, healthy lifestyle!

Emily’s Social Media:

Hi! I am a first year at Elon! I love writing and I am so happy to be a member of Her Campus!
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