The midterm elections are over, now what?

It’s been a little over a week since the midterm elections and now that your Instagram feed is no longer filled with posts encouraging you to vote, you may be wondering, what now?


A quick recap: Democrats took control of the House of Representatives while Republicans maintain their majority in the Senate. A lot of history was made this election season with a record number of women being elected to Congress. Not only that, but the first Native American women and first Muslim women were elected to Congress. In addition, the first openly gay man was elected as governor in Colorado.



We are two years away from the next election, but there is a lot you can do in the meantime.


1. Support an issue you care about.

Whether you are passionate about gun control, reproductive rights, or immigration reform, find a key issue that you care about and get involved. There are organizations that you can donate to or volunteer for, who share your same passion for their cause. Be an activist!


2. Get involved with a political party..

If there is a certain political party that you identify with, see what you can do to support them in preparation for the 2020 elections. Phone banking, knocking on doors, and registering voters are all good ways to help before the 2020 primaries.


3. Go local.

Oftentimes local politics are forgotten about, but they hit the most close to home for people. It’s important to go to your city council meetings and town halls to know what is happening in your city.