How to Build the Ultimate Healthy Snack Box

When in college it can be hard to fit healthy food on a budget. When going on my weekly Target or Walmart food trips I typically try to go for the cheaper foods because everything can start to add up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, cheaper usually means that it's unhealthier. Through some trial and error, I’ve been able to discover some hacks to create a healthy draw of goodies.

  1. I love Kind bars, they are really good and are very filling (Walmart, $4.98)
  2. Everyone needs a little chocolate here and there, I love bark thins for chocolate with pretzels is my favorite to add something salty (Walmart, $4.93)
  3. I love fruit but it always goes bad before I finish it. I’d recommend getting dried fruit instead. Target has a great selection.
  1. I love popcorn but it isn’t very healthy, a good alternative is Skinny pop. It’s low in calories and has some protein  (Target, $3.00)
  1. Here is a better alternative to fruit snacks, my favorite flavor is the Wild Berry (Target, $2.99)
  1. As a healthier option to chips try these veggie chips (Walmart, $4.33)     


  Although all of these options above are super helpful, everything is about taking it in moderation. If you have a cheat day, try to eat better the next day, or off balance it with a workout. But, also with this rule, you shouldn't just eat all junk food and just workout. As long as you feel healthy that’s all that matters.