Did You See the Supermoon?

What is a Supermoon?

When the moon appears bigger and brighter (and sometimes more orange or yellow) due to when a full moon or new moon is closer to the moon’s closest approach to Earth on orbit.


Why should we care?

This past Sunday (November 13th) was the first time the moon has been this close to Earth since 1948. The next time this happens will be in year 2034.


What can we do with a supermoon?

You can stare at it, point at it, pretend you’re eating it on camera, and admire its full grace and bright light!


How much light do we see?

Interestingly enough, the supermoon reflects 30% more sunlight onto Earth.


  1. The moon is not actually different when it is supersized, we are just seeing a more magnified version.

  2. The tides are higher when there is a supermoon since the Earth, moon, and sun are all aligned with each other.

  3. Moon watchers will struggle with looking at the moon’s craters due to the bright light.

  4. This supermoon is the brightest since 1948!


In reality, if you saw the supermoon then you were in for a treat. If not, you will have to check it out again in 2034! Shockingly, the supermoon is not actually super.