Decorating Your Dorm for the Holidays

As much as I love being at school, it’s so hard to be away from home during the Christmas season, especially while living in a dorm. It’s difficult to get in the Christmas spirit with no decorations, snow, or family. This is why I’ve created a list of things to do to make your dorm cozy and festive for the upcoming season!

String lights

String lights are personally my favorite addition to any dorm. They’re perfect for when you want the lights out in your room but aren’t quite ready to go to bed. These cute lights are a must to make your dorm room feel cozy all year round, but especially during this time of year they will add to the Christmas spirit! Try colorful, icicle style, or snowflake shaped lights to put you in the right mood for the holidays.

Small Christmas tree 

Alright, so it’s unrealistic to buy a full sized, real Christmas tree for your dorm but a perfect substitute is a mini, fake tree! You can buy these anywhere and in any style you want. Buy one to match the style of your room and add lights to it for a special touch!

Festive blankets

You can never have too many blankets in my opinion! Christmas is a perfect excuse to go out and treat yourself to the softest blanket you can find and with the cutest Christmas pattern too! This is perfect when you want to snuggle up in bed and watch a Christmas movie with friends.

Countdown to Christmas

This is just a little something extra that can really bring your Christmas spirit over the top. At home, the Christmas countdown was always my favorite part about the month of December and it’s perfect to have one in college, not only to countdown the days until Christmas but also the days until you go home.

Christmas candle (if you live in a dorm try diffuser sticks)

What’s going to put you in the holiday mood more than the literal smell of Christmas? If you live off campus or somewhere that allows candles, go for it! Candles are calming and cozy. If you do live in a dorm try something like a diffuser stick, essential oil diffuser, or atmosphere mist to make your dorm smell just like home.