6 Ways to Remain Sane While Preparing for Finals

As our long anticipated Thanksgiving break comes to an end, it is time to accept that the end of the semester is right around the corner, unfortunately. Finals are approaching and group projects are in full swing. It even seems as if all of your teachers sat down together and strategically planned deadlines all for the same time, just to pile on some more stress in your life! Luckily, Her Campus has some tips to share with you to help reduce and hopefully avoid additional stress leading up to finals week!  



1.  DO NOT put assignments off until the night before it’s due.

It is a predictable tip to start with, but it’s extremely important (as we are all guilty of procrastinating). It’s hard to think about preparing for final exams when you have other projects and assignments to worry about throughout the week, however a little bit of preparation can go a long way. Start with small tasks such as compiling notes that are needed for your finals all into one place.


2.  Organization is key!

Going off of the tip above, the more organized you are before finals, the easier time you will have studying. Sorting notes by topic and re-familiarizing yourself with what your finals are testing you on will help increase the effectiveness of your studying.  



3.  Utilize campus resources, such as the writing center.

Whether you’re struggling with what to include in your final paper or you’re concerned about grammatical errors and just want another set of eyes to look it over, the writing center is a very useful tool that many people overlook. The writing center consultants are all trained to provide you with the most helpful revisions and assistance. So take advantage of it!


4.  Office hours may be necessary.

There’s bound to be some information you’ve learned throughout the semester that has slipped your mind. Office hours are a great way to get one-on-one assistance from your professors and help you work through those you may have forgotten. Teachers can be very accommodating with times that work for you.



5.  Study with a friend.

Some people insist on studying on their own, but if you like working with others, try and collaborate with classmates or a friend of yours. Additional perspectives can help you understand things you may be unclear on. Also, asking for advice from those who have already taken the class could never hurt!


6.  Take breaks.

For some people, studying for hours and hours is an easy and familiar task, but realistically, we all need a rest. It’s inevitable that our brain will tire out, so don’t forget to take little breaks, whether it’s taking a walk around the library, grabbing a snack or even hitting the gym. This will help keep your mind refreshed and avoid feeling overworked.