New Habits for a New Year

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I want to start by introducing myself I am Mary and I have bad habits. Most of them are due to my inability to commit to a schedule and make myself do things. This, of course, has to change. I have skirted through my first two years of college with B’s and I want to excel this year. So, I am determined to set simple goals to be the best I can. Because right now knowing with a bit more gumption I can be so much better, sucks. I want to make clear that much of my inability to truly put forth full effort comes from my depression and anxiety. Either I’m too afraid to do something, or I’m too sad to even do anything. Then of course when I’m too sad to do a thing, and I just lay there it begins a cycle of torture. Because I know I can, but my mind just refuses to let me believe so, and I am going to stop this cycle. So, I looked online and found a list of things someone should follow when wanting to start with habits. ThIs inspired me to take a look at the goals I want to set and how to do it.

From what I know off the top of my head habits take about 21 days to be ingrained in your routine. So, I am challenging myself for a month to turn a new leaf. I’m not only going to make changes in my study patterns, but I also want to make some new personal habits as well. I fully intend to keep up with my calendar, every day I will make a to-do list and accomplish it. I refuse to leave homework till the morning of or the hour before any more. None of these past habits of mine breeds a healthy lifestyle. With the changes to my studying and personal life I know I cannot allow myself to slack, because if I do I know I won't do it. In my personal life, I want to set a goal to go to the gym a few times a week. From the research, I've done about this and some personal experience. Exercise makes me feel more productive and energetic. I think this will overall add to my motivation. Mostly because I tend to be a big talker and do things for maybe a week and never follow through.

I am not here writing to say people need to do all the things I listed above to have a productive college life. I am writing to share the beginning of a new change that I think can help me immensely, not only physically but mentally. I tend to easily fall into ruts of not wanting to do anything. Then those ruts turn into bouts of depression and self-loathing. This change in life should be a helpful addition for me mentally as well. 

In the end, I want to be able to be proud of what I can do, and realize nothing is horrible as my mind can imagine it to be. I know homework can be rewarding and, to truly discover this I must make a hard life change. Because every life change is hard and I know this. I am no fool. But I think this will prove to myself I am not dumb, and lazy and that I am capable of. And most importantly it will prove I am better than my mental illness. No matter what I think it is important to realize a person can do anything they put their minds too, and it is important to think about that when telling yourself you could never change.