Educate for Service: Benefits of Participating in Community Service


For over a century, E-town’s motto, “Educate for Service,” has remained a foundational value shared by members of our campus community. Through coursework and campus events, our faculty, staff and guest lecturers continually speak about the importance of service and giving back to our community. Acts of service not only impact others, but they can also have significant impacts on your mindset and your future. Check out these benefits of participating in community service:

1. Be Humbled

Participating in community service projects can open your eyes to the lives of those who are working toward better days. Everyone feels unhappy, disappointed and helpless at times, and it’s easy to fall into the pattern of feeling sorry for yourself. When you participate in service projects, you get a glimpse into the hardships that so many people encounter on a regular basis. Gaining this new perspective can help you appreciate the good in your life and move past the bad.

2. Get Lost in Altruism

The feeling of helping others is priceless. Nothing can match the feeling of seeing the smiling faces of those you’ve helped. Serving others provides you with personal satisfaction and a feeling of selflessness. Helping others simply because it’s the right thing to do is a transformative experience that can open your mind to the importance of service.

3. Build Your Resume

Although the focus of community service should always be the ones you’re serving, participating in service projects can also help build your resume. Volunteering is a great alternative, if you’re having trouble finding an internship. Nonprofit organizations are always looking for help and will be grateful for your efforts. You may not get paid, but working with nonprofit organizations can teach you many of the same skills that you would learn from a traditional internship.

4. Gain Insight into the Nonprofit World

If you’re looking to work with nonprofit organizations in the future, participating in community service is a great way to get a taste of the industry. Find out what you love and learn about the challenges in the field. More and more businesses are focusing their attention on the importance of corporate social responsibility, so it’s a good idea to get in the habit early. Volunteering for organizations related to your careers of interest will also help you stand out to employers.

5. Support a Cause You Believe In

Community service provides an outlet for you to express your values. Your participation shows that you care about a particular cause, so much so that you’re willing to volunteer your time to help make a difference. Find a nonprofit that supports your values, whether it be a wildlife, a human rights or an anti-poverty organization. Share your voice with other who are fighting for a cause.

6. Prepare for a Life of Purposeful Work

Helping others through community service projects can provide you with a sense of purpose. Having an ultimate goal and seeing your work impact others is invaluable. At E-town, there is a major focus on continuing to perform acts of service after graduation. There are many programs in place to encourage students to think critically about purposeful life work and learn how to apply this thinking in their future careers.

There are countless benefits of participating in community service. You will be transformed as you work to transform the lives of others. Volunteering as a student will help you stand out to employers and prepare for a future career full of service. Participating in service projects after graduation will help you give back to the community and provide you with a greater purpose.