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The Best Way to Pack Up Your Dorm Stuff

It’s the end of the semester, which is usually a mixture of emotions. Obviously, we will all be thrilled once our finals are over, but we will miss our roommates a lot! The end of the semester means that it’s finally summer time and we can relax, be workaholics and hangout with our families and BFF’s from home. But, before we can hit the road for home, we have to tackle the hassle of loading up all our dorm room things. Here are some tips and tricks to make your packing go as smoothly as possible.

1. Make piles

Why should you make piles of things to take home? The most important reason is to separate the items that you will need while you’re home from the things that can stay in their containers. Not to mention, it is easier if you’re carrying items down flights of stairs to your car, or the person who is kind enough to drive you to the start of your summer vacation. Place items that you need, maybe even on the drive home near you. Do not place these items in the back of the trunk, or pile other containers on suitcases on top of them. Trust me, you will be happy that you followed this tip!

2. Mark all of your containers

The best trick I can offer you is to recommend that you use paper and pen and mark all your storage containers. By doing so, when you pack and repack for next year, you’ll know exactly where your items are or should be located. At college, we seem to accumulate the most random decor and little memory gifts that it becomes hard to know where all your miscellaneous items are. I have a box that is designated for miscellaneous items. Basically, this includes any random items I have. Make a box for shoes and hangers, this is helpful! I would recommend if you have the room/boxes mark the following items for a designated box : clothes, shoes, hangers, decor, towels and sheets, bedding and pillows, miscellaneous and textbooks. Those are just a few examples. Do what works for you!

3. Wrap fragile items

Place fragile items in a safe place in your vehicle. Make sure to wrap them carefully. You can use tissue paper or if you want to be creative, surround the fragile pieces with soft things. For example, if you want to protect your decorative seahorse (this matches my beach themed room), you can place towels, blankets or pillows around it. When deciding where to put this is your car, make sure it is secured around it. You will want to do this to avoid the potential of banging against the car at stops and breaking. Therefore, I would advise you to place this box firmly on the ground, and have other boxes surrounding it to ensure that it won’t get tousled during the car ride.

4.  Load the heaviest pieces first

I recommend loading the heaviest items first. This is because if you load the lighter pieces, they may become crushed by the other objects. The heavier items will serve as a (hopefully) steady base. If you’re lucky, you will have other people who can help you carry these containers. If not, try to park as close to your building as possible. If necessary, put on your flashers, so that your campus security/police officers won’t give you a ticket.

I hope that your packing goes well! I know that it isn’t the most fun thing to do, but once it is over, I’m sure you’ll feel relieved! Best of luck ladies and have a safe trip home.


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