5 Reasons Why You Should Take 8 a.m.’s

Most college students have negative feelings attached to “8 a.m.’s.” Even just hearing the term brings up images of scrambled mornings, bad hair days and buckets of coffee. Although 8 a.m.’s may seem like a terrible way to start your day, there are plenty of benefits to taking these early morning classes.

1. Get classes out of the way

You probably have at least one subject or course requirement that you’re trying to wish away. If there’s a class you’re particularly dreading, why not get it out of the way first thing in the morning? Taking your least favorite class in the morning may seem intimidating, but it’s much better than spending your entire day anticipating what’s to come. Finish the class before 10 a.m., and spend the rest of your day on more enjoyable matters.

2. Be productive and get motivated

Getting yourself moving in the morning can be a difficult task. Having an 8 a.m. gives you a reason to get your day started early. As you get into the habit of waking up early, it will become less and less difficult to go to class. If you start your morning out right, it’ll be easier to have a more productive rest of the day. You’ll have more daylight to complete your academic, personal or fitness goals for the day.

3. Start adulting

College serves as a transition period between youth and adulthood, and scheduling and time management is a major part of that transition. The real world operates with early mornings. If you thrive on afternoon classes for the entirety of your college experience, your first postgraduate job will be a difficult adjustment. Taking at least a few early morning classes will help you prepare for your future schedule as an adult. It will also help you appreciate the days when you get to sleep in a little later.

4. Free up your afternoons

If you only take afternoon classes, you’ll be taking up precious space in your schedule. There are often more opportunities for campus jobs later in the day, like positions in the athletics office, because they have more shifts available later in the day for game schedules. Taking classes in the mornings gives you the chance to take one of these positions. If you’re interested in joining student organizations and other extracurricular activities, club meetings will most likely be held in the afternoon or evening. Taking morning classes lessens the chance of you having scheduling conflicts with these opportunities.

5. Fight the lazy college student stereotype

College students get enough backlash for being a part of the instantly gratified millennial generation, and avoiding productive mornings fuels their fire. Having the ability to function properly in the mornings is a simple way to begin proving your work ethic.

You may never be a morning person, and that’s okay, but it’s necessary to accept the importance and the reality of early mornings. Early mornings can help improve your academic, personal, social and professional life.