When Nothing Goes Right

We've all had days, or weeks, or maybe even months that just seemed like nothing was going right. And when nothing goes right, just go left.

But really though, this week just wasn't my week. It seriously isn't my week. I've had tests on tests and projects on projects, presentations, papers, you name it, I had at least one of them due this week. Sometimes the quality of my work is less when the quanitiy is more. So what do I do when nothing goes right?

1. I talk to a friend. Sometimes I don't even talk to a friend, sometimes it's my mom, my dad, one or all of my grandparents, or someone I barely know. I always talk to someone I feel like I can trust, and who knows that they can trust me. It's not always easy, especially when my problems aren't purely school related, but I know that I always have someone that is there for me, and that helps a lot.

2. I do nothing for a little while. Just a little while. Long enough so that I feel like I have regained at least some brain cells that I lost trying to do gobs of work. I think it's nice to just do nothing for a while, it really recharges my brain batteries. Sometimes it might turn into a long while.... Like maybe 5 or 6 episodes on netflix kind of long, but it's worth it for my sanity.

3. I plan out when I'm going to do work for a class and when I'm not. Planners are real. They work wonders. I didn't believe in planners when I was a freshman, but now as a junior I am telling you, invest or use those free ones they hand out at the beginning of the year. It makes life so much easier because when you feel like there was something that you needed to do, you just consult your planner and do what it says when you can. It really has saved me from being late on assignments a few times. Even if you can't do planners, you can use an index card or even make a to do list on notebook paper or in your phone.

4. Listening to a funny comedian or podcast to get you laughing is always good. Laughter, I find, makes me more productive and it makes me better at the things I'm trying to do. So when you feel like nothing is going right, you can just listen to Amy Schumer or Kevin Hart and laugh. Laughter, sometimes, is the best medicine.

Really, when nothing goes right, do what you feel. Do what you need to so you can get yourself back to a state that is healthy and can focus enough to do well. Everyone is different, and of course not everyone can use a planner, or wants to talk to their friends/family, but I know that there is some way for you to go left when nothing else goes right.