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Tips for Freshman Avoiding the 15

1.) Group Fitness Classes

Nothing is more motivating to finish a work out than having a group full of people working out alongside you.

2.) Work out early

As a college student there is limited time in the day. From the start of my classes until the evening my day is usually chalked full. If I work out in the morning I don’t have to worry about not having time later on. Also many fun events happen in the evening rather than the morning. College is about the full experience and I never want to miss a thing.

3.) Don’t skimp on veggies/fruit

Even though your mom is not here to make you eat your broccoli, DO IT. You don’t want to miss out on the nutrition you need of fruits, vegtables, lean meats(unless you are vegan like me than beans and tofu) , and whole grains.

4.) Bring your own toiletries to the gym showers

The gym shampoo/body wash is always a disappointment. I would never rely on it, unless you just forget all of your toiletries.

5.) Try something new

There are so many things you can do to stay active. In the Recreation Center we have an adventure center. You can go kayaking or rock climbing as your fitness for the day.

6.) Eat Breakfast

It is always tempting to skip breakfast. Usually you will want to stay up late and sleep in. That is the college way. But it is still imperative that you eat breakfast so you can stay fuller longer and not snack as much in the evening before bed.

7.) Join an intermural/ club sport

I have been in the yoga club for the last two years. It is a lot of fun. We meet twice a week and practice yoga. There are a lot of other club sports and intermural sports you could join. Basketball, softball, dance, ballroom dancing, and many more are all on the list you can choose from.

8.) Take advantage of the free dietitians

Nutrition is not always the easiest concept to grasp. A lot of times you may feel like you are eating healthy but you are still gaining weight or remaining the same. Not to worry we have professional dietitians who know exactly what your body may need and they are certainly willing to help you.

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