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A letter: To all my fellow people who stress about their future


There will come times in your academic career, when you become unsure of things. Unsure of your path in life. Where you want to go and where life will end up taking you. Nothing is set in stone. You all have limitless possibilities of what you can do with your futures. Then come the questions, rapid-firing in your brain. Should I stick to my 5 or 10 year plan? Should I go with the flow of the moment and see where it takes me? Should I go for stability and financial security or go after what the heart pulls attention to? There seem to be limitless ways to reach your means, your ultimate goals. And yes it can get overwhelming.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is all going to work out.

It’s okay if you’re the person who has heard this too many times to count or maybe you’re the person who just needed to see this today to feel sane. It will all work out. Indefinitely. You are fine and you will fantastically continue to be so. How the world receives your work is out of your hands.

Remember friends, whenever things seem to get too hard, know and hopefully take solace in the fact that there is always something to learn from all your experiences. The good, the bad, the ridiculous, the sad, the hopeless, the amazing and beautiful times you’ve lived through. All offer life experiences that you would never have had otherwise.

No matter where life takes you or whatever you end up doing, there is always a bigger hand at play.

All the successes and failures you have endured only make you wiser and stronger. There really is no ‘wrong path’ you could take. So my final message for you guys is this: Worry less, smile more. There are only more opportunities ahead for you to learn and grow. All of you are irreplaceably beautiful souls. Never forget your infinite worth and the difference you can bring to this world.

A deep message to consider the week of Spring Break I know, but hopefully this will serve as a boost of motivation to those who want it.





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