How to Manage a Heavy Courseload

If you can, take the simplest class online

    This will free up your sitting class time and let you be more flexible. A lot of online classes have work that’s due once a week which means you can do it whenever you have the time. Really need to study for a test the next day? It’s fine because as long as your online work isn’t due, you can push it back to another day. Just make sure its a gen-ed that is relatively easy because if it’s a hard class the lack of face-to-face instruction will only make it that much harder.

Designate time everyday to do homework

    Yes, your schedule may change day to day depending on what classes you have, but setting aside at least an hour everyday to sit down and really knock out some work. Not just a little work, but one of those get-4-assignments-done-in-one-hour time. Something that has worked for me has been putting a timer on my phone for 30 min/an hour/however long I want to be focused and not allowing myself to look at my phone until the timer goes off. This prevents the accident of spending 20 minutes on twitter interrupting your designated study time.


Use the crap out of your planner

    Do whatever works for you, but use your planner!!! With so many classes you are bound to forget an assignment because that what humans do. Try organizing your assignments by color coordinating by either class or kind of assignment (ex: homework is blue and tests are red). Also have a section where you can write things on a daily basis like a weekly calendar. This will give you enough room to schedule out your day instead of just writing down all the things you have to go to/do.

Nap when you can/really use your sleep time for sleep

    If you’re going to take a nap, make sure you are actually sleeping and not sitting on your phone for an hour.Also, if it is a power nap then don’t let it be any longer than 25 minutes because after that, your body will go into a deep sleep. Waking yourself up from that deep will leave you feeling more tired than before your nap. Also try to take naps between 1pm and 4pm to keep with a “normal” sleep schedule.


Get a good study playlist going that isn’t too distracting

    Duh make sure that you actually like the music you are listening to but if it's your favorite songs of all time, chances are that you're going to spend more time singing along than actually focusing on your work. If you can stand it, find a good instrumental playlist because they are proven to help concentration when studying. Spotify is really good at having playlists that are for moods or certain atmospheres, check those out instead of turning on America’s top 50!!


Find a quiet, clean study spot

    Studies have found that disorganized spaces can lessen your ability to focus! And we all know that listening to your roommate talk on the phone to her boyfriend for an hour is not good background music to study with. So with that quiet study playlist, make sure you have a space that matches it.

Plan out what you’re going to eat/when in the morning

    Nothing is worse than studying so long until you get a migraine from not eating and realizing that the good spots on campus are closed. You don’t have to plan out exactly where and what you are going to eat, but I would really recommend adding in when you are going to eat to your daily routine just to avoid the late night ordering that leads to spending wayyyyy too much many on food.


Lay out what you’re going to wear the night before

    With as many things on your plate as you have, the last thing you’re going to want to think about is what you’re going to wear. It will be so much easier to just grab whatever’s laid out and start your day.


Remember, being mentally healthy is just as if not more important than having good grades. Your GPA does not define you, keep grindin' ladies!!!