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How to Be Single As Told by Parks and Rec

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ECU chapter.

It was 1am we were downtown at a local cookie shop that was open all night. I love staying up late on the weekends, listening to music too loud, and dancing very badly.  I was sitting in the cookie shop with three other friends and I realized something.We were all laughing and being stupid.  I had no obligations to anyone. I had the freedom to spend my weekends with my best friends doing whatever we wanted. I know that one day I will probably not be single anymore, but for now I am really enjoying the freedom of the single life.Being single is liberating not limiting. Complete independence is the most incredible feeling.  I think being single is underrated. Relationships seem to something that everyone is striving for. However, I encourage everyone in college to enjoy the single life and not worry about getting into a serious relationship. Focus on yourself and the impact you can make in the world. College is the time to explore things for yourself.


Embrace your independence

Don’t let anyone define you in a limiting way. You are capable of handing yourself and accomplishing anything on your own.


Treat Yo Self

Spend some time and money on yourself. This is a time to focus on yourself, and TREAT YO SELF.


Spend Time Loving Friends

When you are in love you spend all your time with that person, sometimes your friends can be put on the back burner. Spend time with close friends and remind them how much they mean to you.

Figure out what you like

Movies. Music. Art. Clothing. Do you actually like Chinese food?  Get to know yourself. Take yourself on dates, and figure out you interests, likes, and passions.


Enjoy the freedom

You have no obligations to anyone just yet. You are completely independent to focus on your own career and your own aspirations. You can hang out with whoever you want. You can be whoever you want.


Use this time to focus on encouraging other people

Be the rock for your friends when they are down. Have a girls night and let your friends lean on you. Friendships are so important because when things don’t work out both have people to be there for you.


Try Something New

While figuring out yourself try new things. Eat new foods. Travel to new places. Make spontaneous decisions.

Fake it until you make it

Even if you don’t really want to be single don’t constantly talk about how you hate being single to your friends. If you tell yourself you are good, eventually you will be good.

Be okay telling people NO!

Don’t settle for someone that doesn’t value your worth. A relationship is  not worth it if the person is not right for you. Being in a relationship should help bring the best out in you. Even if they are an awesome person they might not be the best for you. Also if you are not super into them don’t go out with them.

It won’t end well

Pick up on some new hobbies

Everyone needs activities that are going to make them happy after a rough day. Find something that makes you relaxed and content even when you are by yourself.


Whatever you do, own it 

Whatever you are doing with your life, whatever you love, do it with passion and own it. Have confidence in yourself and all you do.

Hang out with whoever you want to

I love my guy friends and being single gives me no restrictions for hanging out with them as much as I want to.


Don’t get down about being single

Being single doesn’t mean that you are not good enough to be wanted by someone. It means you are focusing on bettering yourself and that right person hasn’t come along yet.

Because you are awesome

You are freaking amazing. Don’t ever forget it. You do not need a relationship to tell you that. Don’t put your worth in what others think of you.

Fall In Love With Yourself and Your Life

Since you are an amazing human being with unique interests and talents enjoy the beautiful life you live.

Inspiring others to be MORE by living life with enthusiasm, seeing the beauty in simplicity, and adopting a generosity of spirit. My goal is that other college students and people who have a longing for a deeper meaning to their life will be inspired to become all they want to be through the lessormorgan movement. Hi, My name is Morgan Murray. My biggest aspiration is to become an inspirational speaker. I am a communciations major and Leadership minor at ECU. I love Chipotle, my fish Enrique, hiking, photography, writing, speaking, yoga, singing, and running.