5 Things To Do When You're Single on Valentine's Day As Told By Parks and Recreation

Valentine's Day is a very polarizing holiday. You either love celebrating V-Day, or hate the mere mention of it.

Generally speaking, if you're in a relationship, you love it, and if you're single, you hate it. 

But don't cry! 

Her Campus Oklahoma State has 5 things to keep you from being like this guy ↓ on Valentine's Day, even when you're single.

1. Call your mom (or dad!)

Your parents were your very first Valentine's Day crushes. Send them a funny Valentine's E-card or a heart emoji filled text at least. And don't forget to tell them you love them!


2. Treat Yo' Self

If you can't remember the last time you bought yourself something 'just because,' then it's been too long. Heck, even if you can remember, it's still been too long!! Go to your favorite store and wander the aisles until you find something you know is useless, but you can't live without. Who needs a significant other when you can have the whole store??

Well said, Tom.


3. Watch your favorite movies

Being single on Valentine's Day means not having to watch sappy romance movies if you don't want to! Watch literally whatever you want, instead of The Notebook, for the 48th time. You can eat whatever movie snacks you want, too!!!


4. Disconnect from social media

You know everyone in a relationship is going to be all over social media rubbing it in everyone else's face that they're so happy. No one wants to see the basic MK watch your bf got you or the boring brown leather wallet you got him. Take February 14th (and maybe the 15th and the 16th, too) to disconnect from social media. 


5. Eat a crazy amount of dessert

Desserts don't discriminate if you're single or not. So buy some sweets for yourself, and go. crazy. You can even spend the day making desserts, like cake balls or cupcakes!


No matter how you decide to celebrate (or not celebrate!) Valentine's Day, remember you can always call on HC OK State to be the Ann to your Leslie