Finals Week as Told by Parks and Rec

The most painful week of the semester is finally near. Your days consist of long hours in the lib and an insane amount of coffee. At least Parks and Rec understands our pain.

You’re on your 4th paper of the week and your writing is starting to not make any sense.

Going on hour 8 in the library, you begin to feel dizzy and a bit delusional. You think to yourself, "Am I still alive?"

When someone from class sends you their notes from the lectures you've missed, basically saving you from failing your final.

 ...but then you read them and don't understand a single word.

Just days before the final and your prof starts teaching a new chapter.

Presenting a group project literally hours after you all just finished it.

You are just points away from an A- so you try kissing up to your prof.

But, of course, that doesn't work because your prof is, well:

You walk into the classroom to take your final and someone is sitting in the seat you've sat in LITERALLY all semester.


Finally getting your grades back and... you PASSED!


Good luck on your finals, collegiettes!