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Why Happiness is Healthy!

Why Happiness is Healthy!

A recent article published through CNN shares a lot of information about why happiness is healthy! We all find happiness in different forms, whether it is from a person, music, or even food! Who does not want happiness in life? Everyone wants some level of contentment. Everyone has a happy place in their mind; it could be a real place or even their imaginative place. Often, we may not even have the control over our own happiness, yet research says that genetics plays a big role in our emotional state. Going through our daily routines (including our stress habits) or any dreadful events that may have occurred in our lives, it can bring our mood down.

“Our mind and body manage our emotional ups and downs,” said Laura Kubzansky, professor at Harvard School of Public Health. I personally think it is important to at least have some happy or bright moments in our daily lives, whether it going to watch the sunrise, eating your favorite food, listening to your favorite music or going to the gym.  

Telling you to be happy is not a demand, but it is a way of living or seeing life! A happy life equals a healthy life. In a 2012, more than 200 studies have found a connection between a positive health and psychological advantage in people who were always satisfied and happy! They had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This is not saying that to be happy and you will not have a heart attack, but just a statistic that says if you have a great well being, and maintain great habits (healthy eating, sleeping enough, exercising, etc), then happiness could increase health benefits!


Does genetics play a role in happiness? Yes, it does according to a psychologist at California State University, Nancy Segal. For example, twins often have more similar happiness peaks than fraternal twins. Segal said that “If you have happy parents and happy children, I think that people usually assume it’s because the children are modeling the parents, but that’s not really so. You need to make the point that parents pass on both genes and environments.” Genetically the children may be happy, but it is also the situation they are raised in. Spreading the positive love and happiness in the children’s growth, will eventually lead them to a happier life. 


“The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring.”

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