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4 Things That Will Happen Once the New Starbucks Opens


4 Things That Will Happen Once the New Starbucks Opens


With the new Starbucks set to open in the James Center for Molecular and Life Sciences, here is a list of some of the things you can expect to happen.


1. Increased traffic in the James Center 

For those of you who study in the lobby of the James Center be prepared for a lot more students and a lot more distractions, especially in the mornings and at lunch time. Hopefully you’ll be able to grab a quick snack at Starbucks between classes and lab. The CMLS lobby is already a high traffic area as commuter students pass through to reach the parking lot. 

2. Less flex dollars/money in general. 

We all know how expensive Sixbucks, ahem I mean Starbucks, is. Let’s be honest, if I can use my flex dollars at Starbucks, that’s where they’re going. I honestly don’t think I have enough flex dollars for all the Starbucks I plan on drinking. 

3. Food in lab


Many of the classes taught in CMLS are taught in laboratories where food is not permitted due to safety reasons. With the addition of Starbucks, it is highly likely that more students will try to bring food and drinks into laboratories. This is likely to occur during the 1:40 pm lab period as many students have class until 12:50 pm or 1:10 pm and will try to grab a quick snack at Starbucks. They likely won’t have time to finish their drink before lab starts due to long lines. 

4. A more caffeinated (and therefore happy!) population 

I know coffee isn’t for everyone, but me, I run on caffeine. I know that I concentrate best in early morning classes after a cup (or 2…okay 3) of coffee. I’ll usually drink a cup before or during class if allowed, and one after. I’m so excited that as a science major, my coffee will be conveniently located by the majority of my classes. In addition, the James Center is a more central location on the academic side of campus. The majority of the academic buildings are located closer to the James Center than to the pub.


Enjoy your Starbucks Collegiettes! 

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