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What Caring For My Body Means To Me

For me, caring for my body means looking after it in a way that I find enjoyable and that does not involve worrying about the way I look.  What matters isn’t necessarily looking good, but more importantly feeling good in my own skin. Speaking of skin, there are so many ways to pamper yourself that can be incorporated into your daily routine.  Personally, I love using scented soaps, hand creams and – most of all – those lipsticks that smell good enough to eat!  My current favourite is the Body Shop’s strawberry lip butter.

In terms of makeup, I love to set aside 20 minutes or so every morning to glam myself up a little (it’s not just to procrastinate, I promise!).  This isn’t because I’m trying to impress anyone, but rather because I simply enjoy doing it.  Experimenting with new eyeshadows, eyeliners…You name it.  For me, caring and creativity go hand in hand.

Looking after your body isn’t just about the layers on the outside, however.  Maintaining a healthy weight through a good diet and exercise are key.  In terms of food, I love fruit and veg, but am also a raging chocaholic…So I just listen to what my body wants as the day goes by (without going overboard, of course)!

When it comes to sport, I again like to look after my body by just going with the flow and getting active when it feels necessary.  Running to my favourite tunes, zumba-ing along to Shakira, a few nights out here and there (that counts as exercise, right?!)…Basically any opportunity to combine exercise with music and friends – I’ll be there.  And it’s not just good for the body, but for the mind too.

Last but not least comes sleep.  As a finalist, I feel there’s a lot of pressure to get up early, do all-nighters and survive on six hours of sleep.  But I think to maintain productivity, and most importantly happiness, it’s best just to listen to your body clock and sleep as much as you like.  For me this means being a bit of a night owl and having (slightly too regular) lie-ins.

On a side note, caring for my body also means treating myself from time to time.  Whether it be a tub of Häagen-Dazs, a pint of Magners, or a new hair dye…It’s those little vices that add colour to caring for your body.  And who knows, by enjoying these treats you’ll maybe even learn to love your body and your bodycare routines as much as a tub of peanut butter…!



Northern lass studying French and German (minor in Spanish) at Durham University, recently returned from a year abroad
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