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Top 5 Most Unusual Societies at the Fresher’s Fair

Shortly after arriving at Durham bleary-eyed yet filled with excitement, hundreds of freshers and returners alike attended this year’s Fresher’s Fair at the DSU.

It’s fair to say that amongst the vast array of the usual subject-based, sport, fundraising and theatrical societies and groups, Durham has its fair share of weird and wonderful ones. Here’s the lowdown on the top five most unusual societies seen at the Fresher’s Fair this year:

Cocktail Society

Everyone loves a good cocktail. Durham’s Cocktail Society organises sessions in which you can be taught how to make some of your favourite classic cocktails in a welcoming and fun environment. Whisky River is undoubtedly an all- time fave here in Durham, but wouldn’t it be fab to be able to make cocktails from the comfort of your own home too?

Assassin’s Society

An undiscovered novelty to most, Durham University’s Assassin’s Society is actually one of the most active of its kind. Running a variety of mock combat games across the campus involving the use of ‘safe weaponry’ and collaborating with other unis for large-scale games, this is certainly a society for the quick, agile and clever…and ninjas apparently.

Harry Potter Society

What it says on the tin-an inclusive society for all those super-fans out there for Potter-based discussion, film watching and socials.

Belly Dancing Society

Exercise and fun just don’t go together, right? Wrong. Durham’s Belly Dancing Society organise weekly lessons for beginners and improvers alike. With these inclusive and friendly meetings, the opportunity to join their performance group and frequent socials to show off your moves, this seems the ideal opportunity to tone up whilst having fun!  Just think, you too could have as much belly dancing sass as Ellen…


Baking Society

Finally, a society ideal for home bakers, GBBO fans or those who, like me, just enjoy a good slice of cake… With regular hands-on workshops, socials and tasting events, this will definitely be a vital part of uni life for those with a sweet tooth.

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