TOP 5: Habits To Have

Waking up early 

To some people, the idea of waking up early is, well, an idea many don’t want to have. However, there is something special about being up before other people, and getting started with the day early on. I personally find myself most productive in the morning, and I can often get a good 4 hours of revision done before lunch time. For that reason, I class it as one of my top 5 habits. 

Eating fruits and vegetables

Because, if you feel good on the inside then you’re more likely to ENJOY life (yes, that includes the odd treat everyday.. just eat your 5 a day, too).

Getting outside everyday

This doesn’t even have to be for long. Just get some fresh air!

Reading a book before you sleep 

I am always so, so tempted to just go on my phone when I get into bed. This ,however, only makes me ready to get back out of bed again and definitely doesn’t help me to drift off. So, I put my phone on “do not disturb” (I however forget to turn this setting off… oops), put it on my desk, and read a book before I sleep. I often find it sends me sleepy after about 20 minutes, as opposed to 2 hours + of being on my phone.

Planning your day the night before

I am not good with not knowing what I have to do in a day – I am one of those people who has to have some kind of a (loose) plan, so I know where I have to be and when. This is especially vital during exam/revision periods. I have to write everything down so I don’t forget, and this also makes me hold myself accountable more.