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Exam Season: 6 Ways to Start the Day

With exam season upon us, we’re all up at the crack of dawn, teary-eyed, with our face covered in imprints of the book we fell asleep on. However much you want to lie in until lunchtime, mornings really are the most important part of the day. So get up, get dressed and make a positive start!

1.  Exercise

So I’ve started with the one that probably takes the most effort, but which (if you’ve had a good night’s sleep) can be the most rewarding. As soon as you’re awake throw on some clothes and go for a quick run, go to the gym, or even go swimming (I’ve only done that once or twice but it was fab!). Doing exercise early in the morning will straight away wake you up and boost your endorphins making you instantly happier, not to mention the sense of achievement you’ll have before you’ve even left for your first lecture! You’ll have really earned breakfast as well, meaning you’re more likely to put the effort into actually eating it- and that in turn will be great for your metabolism.

2.  A tasty breakfast

Whether you’ve exercised or not, starting the day with a breakfast that you can sit down to and really enjoy is a great mood-boost (especially if you love food as much as I do). Make time to create something tasty for yourself in the morning- we’ve all heard them tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so try putting as much effort into it as you would your other meals!

3.  Some fresh air

Even if it’s just a few minutes around the block, a short walk in the morning will wake you up and clear your mind ready for the day ahead. Especially if it’s nice weather, going outside is sure to put you in a calm and happy mood before breakfast!

4. Yoga!

No need to be an expert- there are hundreds of YouTube channels and online tutorials, meaning you can simply pick your favourite, choose a routine specifically designed for the morning, and enjoy! Yoga is a far gentler way to start the day than some of the more strenuous exercises, but it’s still really beneficial. It can also involve mediation, which is another way of calming and focusing your mind before the day ahead.

5.  Hydration

Have a drink! This one sounds really simple (and that’s because it is), but so many people skip this in the morning rush and end up starting their day dehydrated. If you’ve been asleep all night you haven’t been taking in any water, so your body is going to thank you for drinking some when you wake up! It’s a good idea to have a glass of water along with a glass of your favourite juice, smoothie or hot drink.

6. A moment of nothing

Lots of us lead busy lives at uni, especially during the busier times of the year. Quite often you find yourself sitting down at the end of the day having not had a moment of stillness to yourself. This one, therefore, is a really nice one to do. If you don’t fancy exercising (sometimes the walking up the hills round here is exercise enough), or even something more relaxed like yoga, try this one. It’s surprisingly difficult to do, but surprisingly nice to just sit and have a moment of calm to think and prepare yourself for the day, rather than diving straight into it.

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