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Beating the Summer Blues

We can put off accepting the fact that SUMMER IS OVER for as long as we like, however, the shorter days, colder temperatures and bulky clothing on sale in department stores limits the time period of our denial, forcing us to quickly come to terms with this bitter reality.

Tans have faded, our new summer wardrobe is now totally inaccessible due to the unforgiving new temperatures and our health kicks consisting of smoothies, salads and morning jogs somehow seem less appealing now our fingers are permanently numb and the rain is pretty much 24/7. Seriously…no wonder lots of us get down this time of year!

Here at Her Campus we’re beating the summer holiday blues by keeping that seasonal positivity going into the autumn and winter months!

7 Positives for Autumn/Winter:


If you’re into fashion like me, it may make you feel better to think about all the additional opportunities you have in the colder months to truly express your style. In the summer we have so much skin on show that accessories and layering is truly limited. In Autumn and Winter however… jumpers, jackets, scarves, coats, boots, cardigans, pinafores, hats, earmuffs!


You might not love all three but surely one of these seasonal celebrations hits the spot? Whether it’s pumpkin soup and wacky outfits for Hallow’s eve, toffee apples and bonfires on 5th November…or (my personal favourite) sleigh bells, mulled wine and Christmas trees in celebration of the ‘most wonderful time of the year’!
In summer there are no communal holidays where we can all come together- if you think about it, all our holidays are individual and private, with some of us jetting off to exotic beach resorts and others going travelling to the far East. Autumn and Winter truly are seasons where family and friends can all come together to share holidays and experiences.


Can’t drink this baby in the summer, can you? Smoothies are great but nothing beats a good old chocolate to warm the cockles of your heart.


One of the best things about these colder seasons is the regular nights in with friends where you can have a good catch up and stay cosy next to a warm fire (or just click on the central heating).
1) pick a film
2) get your pyjamas on
3) grab some blankets
4) microwave yourself a whopping bag of popcorn
5) And enjoy!


Unless you’re up at an absolutely bizarre hour in the summer, you won’t catch yourself a sunrise for the majority of this season. Now winter is coming, most of us will be lucky enough to see it many days of the week, whether it’s out the window as we get ready for a 9am lecture or (if you’re sporty), at your morning training session. Enjoy watching the sun wake up.

So you see, the end of summer isn’t such a bad thing after all. There’s lots to look forward to. You just have to remember that we don’t live in the world of Game of Thrones, ‘Winter is Coming’ isn’t such a foreboding phrase as we may think.

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