10 Ways You Know You're A Durham Student

1.) Anything longer than a five minute walk feels like a ten mile hike.

2.) You use an acronym at least once in every conversation.

3.) You’ve said ‘I don’t even care if I don’t get a first anymore’ with the knowledge that you’re definitely lying.

4.) You’ve vowed never to step foot in Klute again, only to be found there dancing to ‘That’s Amore’ at closing time a week later.

5.) You’ve developed thighs of steel from all the hills you have to walk up every day.

6.) You’ve spent the entire day in your room because if you went anywhere else, it’d be too much effort to come back for lunch.

7.) At least half the people you see on the walk to your lecture are wearing stash.

8.) You live in awe of the few people who have completed a full-college bar crawl because you can’t even be bothered to walk up past Collingwood.

9.) You’ve blagged your way through a conversation at a law event just to get to the free food.

10.) You’ve met at least one person who apologises, unprovoked, for being from Hatfield.