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10 Things I Learnt in Freshers’ Week

1.   No one is that good with names. Considering how many people the average fresher is introduced to, and in such a short space of time, I think we should just accept from the start that awkward ‘re-asking of names’ conversations will continue for a good few weeks.


2. Being catered is pretty good, but it has some catastrophic pit falls… Three days in and I was almost certain I’d put weight on. I think the number one rule is that just because there is cake, that doesn’t mean you have to take it. The same goes for the seemingly wonderful endless potato supply. Saying no is an essential skill if you are to avoid putting on that ‘Durham stone’.


3.  I’m almost certain Klute is not the worst club in Europe, even by fire-related default. Maybe there’s some sort of charm in its grime, or maybe it’s the booze, but I haven’t yet had a bad time there. Yes, toilet paper in the ladies would be a welcome improvement, and its true being elbowed in the back or having my toes trodden on does seem to be a regular occurrence there, but nevertheless, I’m a fan. Who doesn’t like a few cheesy tunes?


4. Don’t try to run from fresher’s flu. It will find you, and it will kill you… Well, not quite, but don’t stress about it; just accept your fate and enjoy yourself whilst you can!


5.  It might be worth considering how manic your inbox is going to get before you hand out your email address to half the societies in Durham. The only plus side is how popular I like to think I appear, as my phone relentlessly ‘pings’ in my pocket.


6.  Here at Trevs, we soon found that a Frep is for life, not just for Freshers. The Frep team this year have been absolutely brilliant; going beyond the call of duty and just generally being an all-round lovely bunch of people. Cheers guys!

7.  A clothes horse is an expensive luxury. For £10, I think I’d rather just hang my pants around my room like bunting whilst they dry!


8.  I don’t know about anyone else, but 5hrs of sleep a night just cannot be maintained. By Friday night I was all too ready to climb into my pyjamas, eat pizza, and watch Mean Girls. And that’s exactly what we did.


9.  Clubbing is not something to dress up for in Durham. As a student, jeans and a t-shirt seems to be more than fancy enough, and leaving the heels at home is more of a health and safety measure. I wouldn’t want to attempt those cobbled hills in a pair of anything other than comfy flats… although that doesn’t seem to stop the locals!

10.  Durham is rather special really. It’s easy to rush to your lectures and not look up to admire the charm of the place, but with the autumn leaves and pretty evening light, I couldn’t help but quickly realise how lucky I am to be studying here.

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