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Mental Health Advocate & Bead-Maker Extraordinaire Kathryn Schmid To Speak To Her Campus Duquesne

The on-going pandemic and its subsequent waves of lockdowns has created tough circumstances for many individuals who are living with mental health illnesses. As a result of these circumstances, mental health awareness has been an even more prominent topic of conversation. 

Fortunately, with the consistent work and efforts of mental health advocates, discussions on mental health awareness are already becoming less and less taboo. 

But, of course, more advocacy work is still needed in order to fully de-stigmatize the negative reputation surrounding mental health therapy and individuals living with mental health illnesses. 

Enter Kathryn Schmid. 

Kathryn Schmid, better known by her Instagram handle @k80schmid, is a mental health advocate who uses her social media platform to both raise mental health awareness and to highlight her business, Beads for EDs, a jewelry company that donates 10% of all profits to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

Since this week is National Eating Disorder week, Schmid is shifting her Instagram’s focus to particularly highlight eating disorders and educate her audience on this type of mental illness. 

Most notably, Schmid will be (virtually) meeting with Her Campus Duquesne to discuss eating disorders, and the stigma surrounding these not-so-uncommon-yet-surprisingly-taboo mental health illnesses. 

The speaker engagement will take place Tonight, February 24th, 2021 at 8PM and will be held via Her Campus Duquesne’s Instagram. If interested, please follow the link to our Instagram to watch and partake in the discussion!

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