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Top 5 Things to do on a Sunny Day at Duke

In my few months here at Duke, I still haven’t managed to figure out how Durham weather works in the slightest. From what I’ve heard from locals, even those who have lived here their whole lives can’t give you a solid prediction as to what it’s going to look like week to week. Seventy-five and sunny in the middle of February is just one example of Durham’s many climate conundrums. Here’s how to take advantage of this confusing miracle over the next week of warmth:

1. Picnic at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Grab a blanket, a few friends, and a frisbee and hop off the bus one stop early to find a nice lush spot on the lawn at the gardens. Needed supplies: baguette, cheese, chocolate, apples, and some juice. Be sure to take a stroll past the koi ponds and bring a speaker to jam out to some Jack Johnson or other acoustic music to complete this relaxing day.  

via: Sarah P. Duke Gardens

2. Grind time at the BC Plaza

If you’re working, why not catch a few rays and work on that tan that you tell yourself hasn’t completely faded. Because, if you’re like me, you’re translucent by this time of year, so taking advantage of the sun is a must. The tables at the BC Plaza are a perfect place to post up for a few hours to sweat through that CompSci assignment or psych reading.

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via: Duke Student Affairs

3. Find a quad, Spike a Ball… Spikeball

The title says it all. Find the most competitive people you can (it’s pretty easy here at Duke) and set up a tournament to find out who is king of the net.

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via: Duke Rec

4. Hunt for Marvin Bagley III

A beast on the court, but a gentle giant in the classroom, MB3 might be a B-ball star, but he is still a Duke student, and apparently, he has been known to frequent The Loop. It might be time to get your shake on.

via: Duke Athletics

5. Gelato at CaFe

Warm weather = ice cream, it’s as simple as that. Stop by CaFe for a delicious refresher after a slow day in the sun. The price will make you cringe, but once you take a bite, the number following the dollar sign will disappear.

via: Neil Boyd Photography

Whatever you do this week, be sure to take advantage of this North Carolina sunshine, and keep your fingers crossed it’ll stay.