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What is Tenting?

Krzyzewskiville, affectionately referred to as K-Ville, has been home to countless dedicated students willing to sleep in tents in hopes of watching Carolina go to Hell. For the past three decades, tenting in K-Ville has evolved from a bunch of drunk and disorganized college students to still-drunk college students yet abiding by a much more organized set of rules. I am going to help clarify those rules and hopefully persuade you to join me, along with the 1200 other Cameron Crazies, as we weather the winter cold but have a fun and memorable experience nonetheless.

Types of Tents

Tents are split up into three periods based on level of difficulty. All tents have 12 members in the group.

30 out of the 100 tents are reserved for White tents.

Black: 2 during the day; 10 at night

Blue: 1 during the day; 6 at night

White: 1 during the day; 2 at night

What is Considered Night?

Night: 2:30 AM – 7:00 AM

In past years night hours were between 11PM – 7 AM. The night-time duration was reduced to allow students more study time.


According to the K-Ville Nation website, there are certain circumstances in which students are provided with grace and do not have to reside in the tent.

  • After every tent check for one hour.

  • Two hours before and after a Men’s or Women’s home basketball game.

  • One hour before and after a Men’s or Women’s away basketball game.

  • Weather-related grace is given in the following circumstances:

  • Temperatures below 25°F

  • Greater than 2” of accumulated snow

  • Sustained winds higher than 35 mph

  • Lightning within a six-mile radius

  • Severe weather warnings

  • Icy conditions

  • School closure

  • At any time, for any length at the discretion of the Head Line Monitors

What You Will Need

  • A Tent

  • Sleeping Bags

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Wooden pallets to sleep on and avoid water that seeps into the tent

  • Warm Clothing

  • Winter Outerwear

  • Pillows

Sign Ups

Starting on January 3rd at 12 pm EST, you can register here.

The Hype

This year in particular, you are going to want to make it out to K-Ville. With the top three picks in the nation, a stellar incoming freshman class, and seasoned veterans who are ready to dominate the court, this is a year you are not going to want to miss.

Men’s Basketball Schedule

Click here for a complete schedule of the Duke Men’s Basketball Team.

Why You Should Tent

Too often we push off experiences, justifying ourselves by saying that there will be another time to have fun. College isn’t just about walking away with a degree. One of the reasons that Duke is such an amazing institution is that because it offers the best of both worlds: a world-class education and an unparalleled athletic program. I urge you take advantage of both, sometimes evening closing the textbook and opening yourself up to new experiences. I hope to see you this year in K-Ville!

I am currently a junior at Duke University studying Psychology and Global Health. My interests include martial arts, mentoring, and the law. Through martial arts I have learned self-confidence, respect, and resilience. I hope to use these important traits as a Her Campus writer!
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