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The Stages of Pulling an All Nighter


Looking at the clock on my computer, I realize that I will have to stay up all night to write a paper due tomorrow.  I immediately decide to scout out a perfect spot in the library and drink some coffee immediately.


After grinding out an hour of solid work (a.k.a. the introduction), I realize I’m getting no where and decide to take a short break.


Okay, while I’m already distracted I might as well go through my Facebook newsfeed.


How is it already past midnight? I panic and shut down the Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YikYak, and Snapchat apps that I had been sucked into after getting bored on Facebook.  Okay, now its time to be productive.


Perfectly caffeinated and not yet exhausted, I have completely peaked.  I’ve found zen-like focus and am already halfway to the required word count.  Pandora has stopped playing music to ask if I’m still there and I barely even notice.  I’ve definitely earned a five minute break.


I close out of Youtube after watching seven Jimmy Fallon videos in a row.  That Emma Stone lip synch battle really is absolutely fantastic.


SO. TIRED. No matter how much coffee I drink or candy I eat I literally cannot stay awake.  A ten minute power nap is in order.


I have hit a wall.  I wall I have hit.  A wall has been hit by me.  I realize with only a page left, that I literally have nothing else to say.  This is due in three and half hours and I can’t think of another word.


SO. HUNGRY.  I need food!  And coffee, that also sounds good right now.


Maybe its the coffee or the the resulting rush of energy but I’ve somehow managed to get back on track.


Oh look, its the sun.  That’s actually kinda nice.


It’s done! It’s a masterpiece! Ok the latter is definitely false, but its words on a page and definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever written so I’m happy.  I print out the result of this long night and hurry back to my room to change before class.

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