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Non-Horror Halloween: Top 5 Halloween Moving Images to Watch in October


1. Halloweentown Franchise (4 in 1!)

This is a classic and any of the movies are a must watch for the Spooky season. A teenage witch and her family go to a secret dimension of supernaturals called Halloweentown. Who wouldn’t love that? Though  it isn’t very scary, it gives me nostalgic vibes and reminds me of home and childhood. Also has some great throwback songs in some of them and the family dynamics are pretty hilarious. 


2. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Another classic. Full disclosure this movie used to scare me when I was younger. I avoided it like the plague even though I liked the costumes. The idea of witches kidnapping kids scared me a lot, but I watched it a few years ago and could not believe that I was scared of it. Now I watch it and think of it as a scarier version of a children’s movie. The talking cat and a teenage boy on a quest to save his sister pulled me in and kept me watching. Sometimes I’d even laugh out loud!


3. Grimm (2011-2017)

If you are not a fan of movies or want something a little different, I definitely recommend Grimm. It has humor, drama, horror, and romance. Featuring a detective caught between his emerging family gift and his normal life, there should be something for everyone. Also all of the scary creatures are based off of the Grimm fairy tales so fairy tale lovers can get a kick out of that. I watch it all year round but Halloween is perfect for Grimm. 


4. Charmed (1998-2006)

Another TV Show option for non-movie lovers. Another witches entry because if you cannot tell, I love witches the most. I love this show so much. Though I would recommend watching “The Wendigo” or “Is There A Woogy In The House?” over some of the other first season episodes. Also this show isn’t very scary, but it has demon fighting witches who are also sisters. They fight a lot with the demons and with each other and that provided enough drama, humor, and action to satisfy me during any time, especially during October.


5. The Little Vampire (2000)

This one reminds me of what Home Alone would be if it was about Halloween and vampires. An American boy moves to Scotland with his family and befriends a vampire. Of course, vampire hunters are trying to kill the vampire and his family. The resulting adventures are hilarious to say the least. If flying cows is something you would be interested in, check this out.


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