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Making the Most of Fall at Duke

For some of us, October is the month we wait for. It’s finally fall. I’m talking pumpkins; I’m talking colorful leaves; I’m talking PSLs and sweater weather; I’m talking the end of 90 degree afternoons and random thunderstorms. For others who come from less seasonal cities, your first experience of fall may be this year, so here’s your guide to how to make the most of it! 


1.) Ring in the chilliness with a warm seasonal beverage

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Even if Vondy’s pumpkin latte isn’t doing it for you, Fall doesn’t mean PSL or bust. Find an autumnal drink that speaks to you! Beyu Blue Cafe has a great selection of specialty drinks to have you feeling cozy in no time, ranging from their spiced Mexican latte to their classic dirty chai!


2.) Break out those layers

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It’s always tempting to go for the classic Duke sweatshirt and leggings look, but between midterm seasons, spice up your wardrobe! Try pairing that long cardigan with those ripped jeans (because you know winter is going to make those holey things a last resort), or mix up that adorable denim jacket with that infinity scarf hiding in your winter clothes box to turn your favorite summer tank into fall fashion!


3.) Explore campus in a new light

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If you thought the gardens couldn’t get any better than your Blue Devils Day tour in April, wait til you see the leaves transform into a beautiful mosaic of oranges and yellows and reds. Grab your friends (especially the one with the iPhone X), and roam campus during this gorgeous season–and maybe even snag a new prof pic!


4.) Explore off campus

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It’s just a short Uber away to experience even more fall fun! Plan a trip to a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, a corn maze, or some combination to one of the Triangle’s local farms. Feeling even more adventurous? Take a day trip to Charlotte and experience Scarowinds, a haunted amusement park you won’t forget, or even take a weekend trip to Asheville, and camp out in Pisgah National Forest!


5.) Take some time to de-stress

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This one is less specific, but it’s important to remember that as fall hits, so does midterm season. Make sure you’re taking time to yourself to have your nightly Netflix, or do your Friday face masks, or go to the gym for your weekend workouts. Whatever it is that keeps you going, make sure you don’t forget to set aside time for it this fall!

I am a senior at Duke University studying psychology and history, and I have been writing with Her Campus since I was a freshman. Having this incredible community of empowering women to build me up when I need support and to give me an outlet when I need to vent has been one of the greatest aspects of my Duke career! I am so sad to leave them soon, but I am excited to pursue my J.D. at Georgetown in the fall!
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