It's Okay to Be Alone

            Spring semester is officially in session, and for some people, that brings in a lot of lonliness, sadness, homesickness, and the like, but words relayed to me during the winter break continue to comfort my mind. These words surround the idea of solitude and what it means to be alone on a college campus. Many of my friends experienced this solitude within their first semester. This solitude did not necessarily have a negative connotation, but rather a realization that college is a place for individuals to learn how to be more independent and how to survive without the constant backing of friends, family, and guardians.

            For myself, solitude has always been a comfortable reprieve when I need a break from my environment, people, and the responsibilities of life. My solitude either consists of a stroll around campus, a secluded area to do work, or sometimes just plain “me time”. Me time often includes a Netflix show, an indulgent meal, or as of lately, catching up on the new show, “This is Us.” This time to myself allows me to simply be. To simply be, implies a disconnect from the rampant thoughts and to-do lists that dictate my schedule throughout the week. However, I gained greater value in this solitude after catching up with my friends from hometown in Maryland.

            Similar emotions and feelings were felt about first semester between myself and my friends. They discussed the first few weeks of school and the curiosity, anxiety, and excitement that comes with trying to find the right group for oneself. This whole process proved that it is ok to take time to oneself to adjust and observe. As humans and people, we need time to observe the people with which we are surrounded. This time to observe will help individuals become acclimated to new surroundings, before they are forced to interact with unfamiliar surroundings and new people.

            Through my friends, I have learned it is ok to just be from time to time. I do not always need the company of people to make me feel like I am a part of something. I am a part of me, and that me enjoys occasional solitude to relax and enjoy the company of myself. So, if you are feeling out of place, or simply weighed down by the stress life brings, take time to yourself to just be you, kick back, and do something that pleases you. It is ok to do that.