Fuel Your Day: Freshmen Edition

Getting ready to head to your 8:30 on West Campus (because, sadly, it always works out that way) and you trudge your way over to Marketplace. Now, the choice is yours. Would you rather start your day off with a heaping amount of sugary foods that leave you feeling sluggish or make the healthiest choice and feel ready to take on the day? Here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts for Marketplace breakfast.




Do: Grab some scrambled eggs from Durham Market.

via. Warburtons

Maybe pair it with some whole grain toast or an English muffin.


Do: Snag some vanilla yogurt with some granola.

via. Boudin Bakery

Bonus points for adding some fruit!


Do: Load up on oatmeal (as long as you don’t also load up on brown sugar!)


Do: Get a delicious omelet made (if you have the time)

via. Sparkpeo

Go easy on the cheese and add some veggies!




Don’t: Head for the sugary cereal bar.

via. The Street

It might be the quick option, but that sugar rush will eventually come crashing down.


Don’t: Pile your plate with grits.

via. Digital Asset

Looks unassuming, but this heavy dish is bound to weigh you down.


Don’t: Scarf down a bunch of French toast.

via. Martha Stewart

As amazing as it is, save it for a lazy weekend brunch.


Don’t: Load up on the biscuits and gravy.

via. I Heart Recipes

I know its a southern classic, but try to save it for special days.


Stick to these Dos and Don't and you'll have the energy to push through all those 8:30 classes!