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The Discord Servers That Will Spice Up Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

With the circumstances of the pandemic comes an urge to connect with people in creative, socially-distanced ways, but for some communities, these ways are not that innovative at all. Take Discord users, for example. They can tell you that their servers have been there, done that. The exciting shapes that these Discord groups can take, from virtual roleplay environments to community-run fantasy schools, all aim to achieve one thing: connect people in unique ways.

Here are a few of the servers that stand out to me as being especially creative and successful at what they do. Hopefully it will give you some virtual places to explore. Who knows? You might even forget the fact that you’re still alone at home, when you have a Discord addiction to keep you company!

Urban Conservatory

The name is intriguing, but it does not stop there. The neon-purple logo and the server itself are just as enticing! The most general way to explain this deep rabbit hole is probably to say that it is a virtual university for spirituality. There are over 2,000 free resources, as well as a variety of clubs and free, synchronous classes that have titles such as Kitchen Craft, Shadow Work, World Mythology, Runes, and Herbology. The whole set-up gives me Pottermore vibes–especially with the Elemental Houses system and a common room. I know that you will get sucked in if you love Harry Potter, but other fantasy or occult enthusiasts should definitely check it out as well. Maybe you will finally get the part-time, virtual version of Hogwarts that you didn’t know you needed…

Design Buddies

This server is definitely professionally-focused, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun. If you are looking for opportunities to sharpen your design skills in any area, from UX/UI to product to gaming, you can find amazingly helpful resources and a supportive community here. From my own experience, I think that most of the people here are college students who are looking to go into the field of design, and everyone appreciates that the server is providing a sort of guidance that has been lacking in most colleges for a long time. You can share your LinkedIn, attend online events, collaborate with other budding designers, and even have gaming nights–to discuss the intricacies of game design, that is!

The Greenhouse

When you enter this greenhouse, you get transported into a world that is heavily inspired by Animal Crossing, and anything that evokes that type of aesthetic–you know what I’m talking about! You can play cute mini-games, shop for virtual plants and pets, and take part in themed DIY contests. I was not surprised to find a lot of Etsy creators on here, so if you want to share your crafts and have some light-hearted fun, this is the place for you!

Academian Waters

This one is for the light and dark academia lovers out there, as well as anyone who fell hard and fast into the sea shanties trend. The server aims to create a really specific vibe, with channels such as poetry-port, sailors-gaming, scholar-shore, and creator-compass. Be prepared for a lot of poetry by the Romantics, and general tumblresque aesthetics combined with the live community of Discord. It’s not all roses and unicorns, so you might start questioning your existence a little bit, but you will also feel like an educated pirate discovering new lands. I mean, that seems like a reasonable trade.  

Damla is a sophomore at Duke University studying Linguistics. She enjoys working for the university newspaper and learning German! In the future, you might see her in investigative journalism, or perhaps building apps focused on educational equity.