Best (New) Places to Study on or Around Campus

It is getting to that point in the semester where it is becoming increasingly difficult to study for exams and complete projects. You are probably sick of sitting in the same area, getting distracted by the same people, and staring off into the distance at the same bland view. It is time to switch it up!!! Sometimes a new setting is all you need for some inspiration and productivity!

1. Madhatter Bakeshop and Cafe

via: TripAdvisor

Newly renovated and in walking distance from East Campus, Madhatter is a great option. You get the off-campus feel but the nearly on-campus location. Plus, their new renovation includes a plethora of available outlets. Great place to spend a Friday or Saturday afternoon.

2. The Ruby

via: Rubenstein Arts Center

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The Ruby is always quiet, except for when you hear someone practicing the piano with soothing melodies in the background. The best part? There are a few tables and chairs that are fairly spread out so you don’t feel like you are working shoulder-to-shoulder with someone (cough cough, Perkins first floor).

3. Parker and Otis

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This is an off-campus location perfect for a weekend marathon session. Parker and Otis also has a bunch of small gift shops within it, perfect to explore during the inevitable frequent study breaks. They have so many food and coffee options as well!

4. Upper Levels WU

via: Kontek

I wish I would have discovered this before this point in the semester, but better late than never! Surprisingly, not as many people venture up the stairs to the upper levels of West Union making them much quieter and devoid of constant Duke tours.

5. Wellness Center

via: Gilbane Building Company 

I have not yet been here to study, but rumor has it that this is a great study location. Again, it is relatively quiet and has relaxing sounds built into the background. There are not as many tables, but can be the perfect location if you like to lay on the floor to do work.

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Hopefully, these locations will be all you need for the final push of motivation and productivity.

Go out there and get it done!