5 Reasons to Visit the Wellness Center

The building that underwent construction for all of last semester just recently had its grand opening. Located just next to Penn Pavilion, the Wellness Center now houses Counseling & Psychological Services (caps), Duke Reach, Student Health, as well as nutrition services. But there are reasons other than these services and caring about your wellness to go visit the newly built Wellness Center! Here are some:

1. The design.

Duke is known for having a combination of ancient, gothic architecture and modern designs. By opening the Wellness Center, Duke welcomed another building with modern designs, with the zen theme and glass box complementing each other. The windows go from the ceiling to the floor, letting in the natural light. Inside, there are unconventional chairs and desks spaced out to create happy place for us students who are stressed out.

2. It’s an awesome study spot.

Right in front of the windows, there are individualized booths and desk areas that serve as perfect study spots. The Wellness Center is usually not very busy and often times quieter than the first floor of Perkins. For reading a book or writing a paper, the Wellness Center could be one of the best places to be. If the weather’s nice, you can step outside into the meditation garden where there are egg chairs to not miss out on the amazing weather.

3. You get an amazing view of the chapel.

Let’s face it—admiring and taking pictures of the chapel never really get old. We always see the chapel at the West Campus bus stop, but the Wellness Center provides a side-view of the chapel that you’ve probably never seen before. Study with this amazing view, and get pictures in the process.

4. They have a pharmacy!

As soon as you walk through the doors of the Wellness Center, you will be greeted by a pharmacy. The pharmacy has everything from medication to shampoo, so there is no need to walk all the way to Harris Teeter anymore. Whatever medication you need is easily accessible, meaning you don’t have to panic when you get sick and you’ve run out of Tylenol. Just make your way over to the Wellness Center!

5. Get some relaxation into your life.

As Duke students, we’re all stressed. We need some time to relax and not think about academics for a while. The Wellness Center offers yoga and meditation classes, and it provides for some good alone time when you’re not preoccupied with all your commitments and obligations.