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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Duke chapter.

After watching countless TikToks of people raving about the Comfy from Shark Tank, I finally bit the bullet and ordered one for myself. I expected to be comfortable and initiate a joy-filled dance party, and my wildest expectations were still exceeded. The moment I put my Comfy on for the first time, I immediately started dancing around my room. I could not get over how cozy this blanket-hoodie hybrid was. There are countless reasons why you should order a Comfy right this second, but here are my top three! 

  1. You’ll Get the Best Sleep Ever. 

    I have never had a better night of sleep than when I am wearing my Comfy. Honestly, I thought I would wake up at 4am in a sweat-induced panic, but no. Nothing compares to the comfort I experienced sleeping in my Comfy. When I woke up the next morning, it was painful to get out of bed because I genuinely felt like I was floating on a cloud. 

  2. It is the Ultimate Conversation Starter.

    Typically, the conversations I have when holding the door for someone or passing each other in the bathroom are *incredibly* awkward. Now, this might just be a me thing, but what are you supposed to say when running towards a door someone is holding open? When I first wore my Comfy to grab a coffee or fill up my Brita, I have had countless conversations about the blanket-hoodie contraption I am wearing. Whether it’s “I have the same Comfy!” or “OMG, I need to buy one of those.” Your Comfy will strike up a conversation with strangers about something other than your heavy workload or the weather. 

  3. If You Are Always Cold, You Won’t Be Now. 

    As a chronically cold person, I basically live in sweatshirts and always have a blanket in my lap (yes, including during Zoom class). A Comfy made perfect sense because of my lifestyle, and I must say it did NOT disappoint. I had concerns about being too hot in my Comfy, but it is the perfect level of blanket comfort without feeling weighed down.

Hello! I am a freshman at Duke from Hendersonville, NC!