When In Doubt DO NOT Google It Out

We all have these moments went something doesn’t feel right or look right and we begin to panic. And I’m not talking about the dining hall Mexican food. What to do? Should I call my mom? Should I throw up or cry? So you run to your computer or if you don’t have a laptop handy your phone and you start Google. What seems to be a harmless thing or illness suddenly before your eyes is being diagnosed as cancer or some other terrible disease or infection. You start on WebMD and suddenly fall down a rabbit hole of googling your symptoms for hours slowly convincing yourself that your going to die or your limbs are going to fall off. Then comes the making of emergency health center appointments and telling all of your friends….

STOP get a grip girl and calm your self. We have all made the mistake of googling our medical symptoms in hope of getting answers however we really gotta stop. Rather than staying calm and getting some real advice googling your health will send you spiraling into a frenzy. Here’s to those moments, may we never google our health concerns again and live to sleep another night and not get premature grey hair.