Travis Bailey: Music Maniac

Meet this week’s profile subject Travis Bailey. Travis is not surprisingly a close friend of previously featured cool boys Joseph Morrison and Drew Carey. Hailing from Los Angeles, California Travis is a junior transfer student from Point Loma Nazarene University. Travis’ father is actually a pastor so its not surprising that when asked to choose between world peace and world domination, he chooses peace. In terms of keeping himself busy when he's not posing for photoshoots, Travis is the college and lifestyle marketing representative for Universal Music Group.

When asked about his current job Travis explains, “As the college marketing rep I pretty much get directives for when an artist is coming to Denver and promote the event and create awareness around them. I do this for both new artists and old artists of Universal and sometimes its through planning screenings and meet and greets”. One of the current projects that Travis is working on is brining the artist Vince Staples to Denver. In terms of what he loves about his job his response is, “I know it sounds super corny but I just like working with music, I love it and its super fun to get to do what you love. I also feel like I am good at scouting good talent out there”.  If Travis could hang out with any artist for the day he chose Travis Scott because “He’s literally my favorite artist in the world. He's one of the reasons I love music. To be more specific Travis Scott pre Rodeo”. When asked to choose between Beyonce and Adele with respects to this year’s Grammys, Travis picked Beyonce because Lemonade is “one of the best contemporary concept albums out there”. In terms of the future post graduation, Travis wants to work in A and R (Artist and Repertoire), which is basically artist scouting and development. He also likes the idea of starting his own record label. One thing he wants to see in the future is the expansion of the music scene in Denver since theres so much potential for growth. Outside of music, Travis is also doing freelance marketing for MAM boutique on Evans.