Transformations: A Poem

Many have said, 

That once you break glass you can’t fix it

Many have said, 

The pieces won’t fall back into place

Many have told me,

Once something is broken, then it will never be the same


Then why is it,

that I have been broken but am still a whole?

How did I put the pieces back together?

The so-called broken glass, a beautiful vase filled with wildflowers

flower vase bouquet Leonardo Wong on Unsplash


The simple answer being, 

I was never made out of glass

Never another’s property to destroy

And not anyone’s to claim their own


Never delicate enough to fall and become pieces,

But to fall and become stronger

Not a puzzle to be put back together,

But an art piece to be deciphered  

Maria Scheller-Two Girls Friends Long Hair Blonde And Burnette Flower Mural Maria Scheller / Her Campus

Now I say to you,

That people aren’t made out of glass

And we’re not to fall into pieces

That people are made of souls

Souls like clay that bend and shift with time and patience

Souls that can’t break because they’re made out of energy

And energy cannot be destroyed, but transformed