Panhellenic Profile

If you think running one sorority chapter is hard, try running seven! We were able to get an inside look at the DU Panhellenic Association during one of their busiest times of the year.

Names: Mollie Pohlad, Rachel Hansen

Majors: Finance and Spanish, Hospitality Management

Years in School: Seniors

Positions: Panhellenic President, Vice President of Panhellenic Association

What is the DU Panhellenic Association?

MP: The DU Panhellenic Association (PHA) works to develop and maintain women’s sorority life on our campus. We also work to promote academic, philanthropic, and social excellence within our community. PHA also works with  the InterFraternity Council (IFC) and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) to unite the Fraternity and Sorority Life community (FSL).

What chapters are a part of it?

  • Alpha Delta Chi (associate chapter)

  • Alpha Phi

  • Chi Omega

  • Delta Delta Delta

  • Delta Gamma

  • Delta Zeta

  • Gamma Phi Beta

What does it mean to be an associate chapter of Panhellenic?

RH: An associate chapter is just as a part of the Panhellenic community, however, they have a different recruitment process than the other Panhellenic chapters.

Are there any other sorority life chapters on campus?

RH:  In the Multicultural Greek Council, there are many sorority chapters that promote certain cultural beliefs but also welcome others. These sororities are:

  • Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Inc

  • Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

  • Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

  • Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

What function does Panhellenic serve to the DU sorority community?

MP: Panhellenic serves as a resource to the sorority community and as a way to facilitate the governing body. We take input from the sororities to continually improve our community. Panhellenic also strives to promote sisterhood and academics within our community through programming.

Does Panhellenic regulate chapters?

RH: We do have a judicial board that serves a purpose of making sure all the Panhellenic chapters are abiding the same bylaws and regulations.

How do people on the Panhellenic Executive Board put aside their individual chapter affiliations and work towards a just sorority community?

RH: One of the norms we as an executive have put in place is setting aside our chapter affiliations when at executive board meetings. This is very important because we are bettering the community for our individual chapters.


What are some common misconceptions about Panhellenic?

MP: Many people may believe that it is a very closed-off group; however, the women in our sororities are involved in so many other student organizations and share that with their chapters to promote involvement everywhere! We are a community that is involved on campus outside of Panhellenic.

What has been your favorite part about being on the Panhellenic Executive Board?

MP: I have served on the Panhellenic Executive Board my sophomore year and currently. It has allowed me to make connections across all sororities and within the greater Fraternity and Sorority Life community. I have loved making friends with the women I work with and learning about each other’s chapters.

RH: Working with everyone on the Executive Board has been my favorite part! I have made friends with people I necessarily would not have met!   

Why would you encourage women to join the Panhellenic community?

MP: The Panhellenic community is a great way to find a place on campus where you can express yourself. You are able to make friends with women in every year of college. It also helps you get involved in other activities on campus through the encouragement and guidance of the women in your chapter.

Any advice for those about to go through the formal recruitment process?

MP: Be yourself and take deep breaths! It is a long process but know that it all works out in the end. Reach out to your Rho Gammas with any concerns, they are here for you 100% of the way and have been through similar situations!

RH: Wear comfortable shoes and follow your gut!