My Love for Her Campus at DU

Coming to DU was hard at first since I was a 13-hour drive from my family and friends. My first quarter, I decided it would be great to take 19 credits and be a part of a Living and Learning Community. The beginning was hectic, and I didn't really feel like I fit in much of anywhere. None of the clubs really interested me or fit with my time schedule. Then, one day walking up Sturm's stairs I saw a flyer to join Her Campus DU. There was a meeting in Jazzman's with a few girls at the time. I felt comfortable, but also found an outlet to publish my writings regardless of topic. I published a few of my academics writings, political commentaries, and philosophical thoughts. But more importantly, I began to find my friends and a place I could be at once a week to laugh and not worry about anything, except writing. And who doesn't love writing? 

From that first year, Her Campus has grown even more into a family and publication recognized on campus and throughout the student body. I also feel personal growth with the magazine chapter here. Working with my amazing executive babes and wonderful contributors, we have learned how to work social media, plan events, and keep the club growing with boss ass women on campus. Not only have I made connections and friendships for life, but my professional skills in teamwork and publicity has grown immensely. Furthermore, being a Campus Correspondent has allowed me to really develop my leaderships skills as well as building and maintaining a strong, productive organization on campus. I don't know where I would be if I didn't take the chance on that flyer in Sturm, but I do know I wouldn't have my girls to help me get through the week.